Designed by Kaiting Fan, Taiwan.
School: Pratt Institute

Packaging is essential to protect and identify Most products. Once the product is purchased, the package loses value and is often discarded.

This is a wasteful practice and can be addressed Through a thoughtful design process that plans For re-purposing of the packaging.

The aim is to reduce today’s packaging waste by providing alternative package designs that increase and provde reuse. UNIT, the online shoe and accessory store uses its packaging to ship, store and organize their products. This multi-functional packaging system creates a secondary use.

1. Place the cap on the back to strengthen the structure
2. The shoebox can save storage space by displaying one shoe
3. Pull out the inner structure to take out the shoes

{Via Packaging of the World}

- I think this is brilliantly simple and effective. A shoe organizer as a shoebox.

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Heres a look at my Warhol Vodka packaging project that I just submitted into The Dieline contest! :) Most definitely has to be my favorite project and designed piece of my four years of education!


Supernova: Takes You to the Sky
Beverage Packaging Design

Adolescence and young adulthood is a memorable, exciting time in life, where everything is fast-paced and spontaneous. We often adventure to all-night parties, music festivals, and nightclubs to seek thrill and a good time. In order to stay awake, however, many resort to use of alcohol or drugs.

Supernova, an energy drink that “takes you to the sky,” is a cutting-edge, healthy, effective, and delicious alternative that keeps you awake all night long. The intergalactic theme and light illusions make it a fun way to stay hydrated and healthy. Supernova is a specialty drink — one that is only available at the event venues or special kickoff events. (e.g. members who purchased the VIP tickets of the Electronic Daisy Carnival attend an exclusive welcoming show and have this at their tables.) This beverage is not sold at the local BevMo or Pavilions supermarket.

Product photography by the talented
Frankie Concha!!

Packaging Design 1
Dan Hoy
Term 04 Fall 2012


package design | winter semester 2012 | University of Applied Arts Vienna 

Two thirds please
This semester we were challenged to find a name and a design for a wine cocktail, that’s going to be launched in march 2013 in Germany. 

As the cocktail consists of three ingredients we decided to name it “Drittel” – that’s german for “a third”.  Therefore dividing by three became our concept.

We decided on splitting the label into three strips with three equally important sides. Each side bearing important information like the logo, the name or the ingredients. 

Overall me and my awesome team Kathrin Heimel and Jonas Weber created three different designs for this contest. In the coming weeks I’ll show you the other ones, including the actual winner, which currently is under production and will hopefully soon be available to all the wine-cocktail drinkers in germany. 

Intersecting boxes packaging with an anamorphic optical illusion logo.

Intersecting boxes packaging with an anamorphic optical illusion logo.


Crew Brew Coffee is a fictional coffee brand for prima dona actors and actresses. Everyone a movie set should drop whatever they’re doing no matter how important to the production it may be, to get you your beverage. After all, you are the star of the show.


Packaging of a Greatest Hits compilation for the film composer Danny Elfman. The common thread throughout much of his music and most of his notable film scores is some kind of otherworldly element, as well as a blend between the surreal with reality. His music conveys a sense of wonder, excitement, and discovery. 

To heighten that idea, I wanted to create packaging that did something unexpected and exciting. The packaging conveys a sense of change or journey.

The Strategy: Escape into a new world.

The Concept: Go down the rabbit hole.

More from my Rite Aid rebranding project.

More from my Rite Aid rebranding project.