Lab Rat is a breeding ground for ideas. A place where studies, in collaboration between creative minds, cultural scientists and business leaders, are ongoing in order to develop and build ideas. This deluxe introduction kit is sent to the “Alpha Rats” (the preeminent participants) and is filled with a variety of items to help stimulate and inspire the creative thought process. The brochure booklet is attached to the cover of the deluxe kit and functions as a standalone piece that is sent out to the standard “Lab Rat” and the “R&D Rat.” (via Lab Rat | Werner Design Werks)

“This project aims to resolve the current discrepancy between the price of the product and its packaging. Printer ink costs 1000x more per liter than beer, so let’s lower that price or gussy up that packaging or get some free Sephora-style samples going or something,” explained Watson. (via Ridiculously expensive Printer ink packaged like Chanel no. 5)